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Stupid Shaman Tricks Part 1 

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Stupid Shaman Tricks Part 1 
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Post Stupid Shaman Tricks Part 1 ... 0000000000 Shaman ... 0000000000 Paladin

Sitting at work, like a good addict does, I am thinking about improving my whole WOW experience. I’m combing through the Pally and Shaman forums when it hits me.

The Protect-Specced Paladin and an equal level Shaman at level 35 can take on an immense number of foes and prevail without any downtime.

The Pally is going to do his Reactive AOE thing, casting seal of light on his weapon and going to town. His Blessing of Protection is up, and he is properly equipped with the shield spike of his level. He may cast one consecrate to guarantee aggro control. His Retribution aura is active. He has the best one-hander possible, obviously (i.e. fast)

The Shaman so far has only cast a Stoneskin Totem, which at level 35 is absorbing 16 points, adding on to the Paladin’s 10 points (BOP). This does not include the shield absorption of the Paladin, which should always be at +30% during the fight. The Shaman should always have BOW on him.

When the MOBs are all at 70% health, the Shammy puts down a damage totem (Magma or Searing) to add to the damage. He will also spot heal the paladin, more to give the Paladin free mana for extra consecrates (this may or may not be necessary).

Weapon totems are not used so that Reckoning will proc properly.

Mana Spring totem can also be used to reduce downtime (mostly for the Shaman if you can believe that). Combined with BOW it’s a good amount of power back during the fight.

Melee groups will melt like butter.

For mixed groups (ranged and melee) the process remains the same for the Paladin, but the Shaman is responsible for tying up the ranged guy(s) using Earthshock and the like, leaving the Paladin free to do what he does best.

At higher levels where MOBs are stunning, fearing, etc., The Shaman will forgo using Stoneskin and replace it with Tremor Totem, eliminating those affects.

The things I don’t know at this point are:
Will Windfury Stack with Reckoning? I’m assuming no, since they are both temporary weapon buffs.
Is Tremor Totem an earth totem? I’m pretty sure, so you can’t have Stoneskin out with it. Otherwise…

Saphon wrote:
Toadwort wrote:
Hows your sheeping skills?

Does seduction count?

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